Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Toadstool Biscuit cutters

I really love You tube tutorials. I use them for everything. Doing my hair, doing my make up, and even make cookie cutters! Genius! I had been on the look out for a Toadstool cutter as I wanted to make Toadstool cookies for the wedding day dessert table... ( you will see as the photos keep coming... there was quite a toadstool theme happening!) And I couldn't find a Toadstool cutter anywhere!!! So DIY it is!

Now I cannot take any credit for this as...My sister made the cutter! At the time of "cookie cutter creating" I was elbow deep in cake mix, cake pops and kilos of buttercream. So Super Sarah made me the cutest little cutter, to the shape of my very terrible scribble of a shape, and this is what she came up with....

Hazelnut chocolate chip...My favourite
My bridesmaid Erin practising on the rejects!

They turned out just as planned! And you've got to love the team effort! The mix made plenty of cookies, so we pretty much ate them all day long... Even during getting our nails done at the Salon! And crafters.... the possibilities are endless with the DIY cookie cutter!



  1. cookies look devine! i have this cutter but is so old & rusty, just pretty to look at.

    1. Really! I scoured the internet for ages and could not find one! Which i thought was pretty odd! your wedding was beautiful by the way! x