Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sweet Architextural with Burch and Purchese, Bompas and Parr

I have been like a child at Christmas waiting for this event, and I can honestly say it lived up to everything I was hoping for! I would just like to point out early that I had not realised how much champagne was going to be given out at this event, and well it just kept coming! I have noticed now all the photo's I took on the night are really not as good as I had hoped ( or thought) they would be... I blame the Champagne.

My very good friend Kirsten and I lined up to go through to the Gershwin room at The Espy. We were given our passes which came on bright pink cord, and followed on throughout the theme of the night. Dramatic. Pink. A giant fishbowl sat on the bench producing pink bubbles which we were given a spoon full. It tasted like bubble gum! When we walked through the curtains into the main room, we were offered champagne from four beautifully dressed ballerinas. As we wandered around the bar waitresses walked through topping up our glasses and handing out some beautiful nibbles. Cheese and Vegemite popcorn, Black swans ( choux pastry swans filled with fois gras and grape jelly), Gin and tonic marshmellow's and Cucumber and Celery jellies. The waitresses all had their hair teased so high with fake birds nestled into them, the food was served on petry dishes and some cakes served on cricket bats. We could not get enough! Infact we ate so much!
Darren Purchese created an "Instant Ice cream station" armed with a kitchen aid and liquid nitro, producing tiny cups of Violet crumble ice cream, and Mango Passionfruit. At the other end of the bar Sam Bompas was turning out Plum and Riesling jellies. This was my favourite!
The boys got up on stage, and with the help of Master Chefs Matt Preston invited everyone to come look at the sugar wonderland they had created behind the curtain. There were 2 tables presented by Bompas and Parr, covered in jellies the shape of famous Melbourne buildings, each one a different colour. Then up the stairs a buffet of pastry delights lay awaiting to be eaten, made by Burch and Purchese. It was honestly like walking into Wonka Land. Macarons,  mousse cakes, tiny chocolates that looked and tasted like coconuts. There were trails of pink dominos that tasted like  white chocolate and berries. Mini beehives made of perfectly torched meringue.  I loved the pile of "soil" that contained lumps of chocolate covered in the soil. Many different little pots and cups filled with layers of creme's and mousse, caramelised bananas, I could go on and on.
It was an incredible night, for our eyes and our taste buds. It was both arty and delicious! We were even lucky enough to talk to Sam Bompas and quiz him on all his jelly knowledge, he even gave us one of their jelly moulds! each!

It is hard to explain all of the amazing items we got to eat that night, so I have provided a couple of badly taken photos! The next day I had the biggest sugar hangover ever!

Kirsten and I in our glad rags
Celery and Cucumber Jelly
Mr Burch and Sam Bompas
Pretty Ballerina with flower pops  all different flavour's!
This lady had a table covered in jellies for a skirt, and walked gracefully around the bar.
Each jelly had specks of gold leaf
"Melbourne" jellies
The trail of sweets
my stash!
Awesome goodie bag, with a voucher for the Burch and Purchese Sweet studio and some delicious treats!
My "Shrine of Remembrance" Mould ( now blu tacked to my wall)
So I hope you can sort of understand what we were so lucky to experience the other night. It really was one of the best nights out I have ever had! Cannot wait till next year's Festival now!

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