Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hello there!

Well I'm back... It has been a wild month of wedding craziness and new beginnings. There are plenty of things I want to share from my wedding but first, and although I am a couple of days late...I just have to thank my mother ( happy Mothers Day) for the amazing job she did for us. She did all the girls hair, took all of us girls to an amazing high tea, she opened up her home to everybody and basically got thrown into a whole lot of chaos with us around! I cannot stress to you how amazing our hair was!!! Here are a couple of photos.... There will be more wedding stuff to follow too... still waiting on the pro photos to comes through (eeeeee) but there is plenty of crafty yummyness !! Hope you are all well, and gave/received a good hug on mothers day. 

The beautiful french roll mum did in my hair, and my sisters beautiful victory rolls!

The master at work

Me and my awesome mum

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