Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cupcakes In a Jar Bonboniere

Cupcakes...In...A...Jar......What else is there to say? Just when you thought cupcakes couldn't get any sweeter!This little project was another one of those things I've always wanted to do. I thought I was being a little over excited by doing this as my Bonboniere, but for a wedding of our size (45 people) I think it was just the right amount. 

You'll start to see over these posts, the rediculous amount of work my sister did for me. And just how talented she is.  These little treats are another perfect example of her design amazing-ness! I loved how I could just mention an idea, how I thought it would look, and of course I would do the baking side of it all.. But she would bring it to life.

Production Line


Erin keeping us all entertained

Signage to stop early dessert eaters!

The gorgeous Labels Sarah designed

These were super easy to make! Knowing that we had quite a lot to do, I just made 3 sheets of cake to slice and layer up with Raspberry buttercream. My sister made The labels, and tags to stick on each one. She had every guests name printed so they could find their own! On one side of the jar it says "cupcakes in a jar" , and the other side "Alan & Gina". Pretty cool huh?

Remember the beautiful invites that Sarah designed? Well she made all the labels, and signs and tags all in the same theme! Isnt she amazing!

There are so many variations, and ways to personalise these little treats, and to be honest, aside from the design work and printing, they were quite easy on the pocket to produce! Bonus!



  1. oh i need to post these up on my blog tooooo! hehe. they were yum too!

  2. They look really beautiful, all sweetly packaged up with a spoon. Kellie xx