Monday, October 7, 2013

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hello and Goodbye!

So! Big news! I am opening a shop front!!! Hoorah!!! And with shop front is coming many changes...including moving to Tumblr. I have loved blogger and am a little sad to be leaving it, but Tumblr is going to suit my needs a little better!

So to follow what is happening with the opening of the shop... please follow me on facebook, instagram... and

It is alll pretty darn exciting! cannot wait to show everyone the awesomeness!!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Well Im excited!

So many exciting things are happening! I am one of those people though that worry if I tell too many people about all the exciting things, then I will scare all those exciting things away! So...I have to pace myself. yuk.
These last few weeks I have been working on so many designs and ideas towards my new website. It is going to be pretty. We had a big photo shoot on sunday which is the first step towards "the new and exciting things" and while I would love to just show you ALL THE PHOTOS again im pacing myself until the new website is up and we can all sit back and enjoy it all together.  So as a little sneak peek of what we got up to, here are a couple of photos... just to keep you going.

 All awesome photos ( so not these ones were taken  by the amazing Samara Clifford )

Lets all practise our patience squeals.

MLB xx

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wedding Pretty

I am severely suffering from a lack of Internet in our new house. Not sure what hurts me the most... not having it there, or how much I rely on using it! 

Here's some pretty picture's to get us through the chaos....

A classic pretty made for (just the best caterers ever!)

Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Dream Kitchen

Recently I got to work on a shoot, held at the most magical setting. The shoot was done outside but we were lucky enough to be able to have a tour through the house. They were so welcoming, making us coffee and bringing out mugs of sweet potato soup. After that huge heatwave through Melbourne, it was like winter was already here and we were freezing! I must however show you her kitchen. She said it had taken her around 20 years. I hope my kitchen looks this good in 20 years!

I better get collecting!


Friday, March 29, 2013

A little pirate party!

A cute one for a wee pirate turning 5....

Im actually in love with that anchor, and have a few ideas for something a little sailor jerry style!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Savannah & Tom Vintage wedding Shoot

Here are a couple of picks from a shoot I was involved in recently. Savannah & Tom are just so darn cute! and their little dog too! I got to work with some very talented people that day, and will show you the final pics from the day and the people involved once they are all edited... but for now.... a little magic:

Too much fun!



Monday, March 25, 2013

Antje 21

A couple of years back I made a cake for Antje's 18th...Western Bull dogs theme. She asked me to make another cake this year for her 21st... Same theme! I have to apologise for the crusty phone pics, ha! I did have so much fun piping her favourite players, Pop Art style! Im really keen to try a few different ideas piping like this... we will see!



Saturday, March 23, 2013

Miss Ladybird Cakes @ Merchants Guild Cafe

I am so so very proud to announce Miss Ladybird cakes are now being served at Merchants Guild cafe in Bentleigh east, Melbourne.

Merchants Guild is a clean, earthy and industrial style cafe, serving great brekkies and beautiful coffee, with a special blend made for them by Omar and the Marvellous Bird.  Merchants Guild is also the production area for Prana Chai. So at the back of the cafe are huge sacks of cinnamon, star anise, and the whole cafe has that beautiful distinct smell of spices and honey in the air. It is purely delicious!
I am so excited to be involved and have designed and produced a range of cakes for them. Most importantly a Spiced Pear chai buttercake. The pears have been poached in the Prana chai tea for 3 days creating beautiful caramel coloured pears, in a honey soaked buttercake. NOM.

For those of you in  Melbourne I thoroughly suggest you pop down and check these boys out! Vinney, Mario and Paul  doing what they do best!

how fun are these little guys!!!
I think a few of you will be fairly happy to know, my famour brownies have made a glorious come back!

Merchants Guild 
680 Centre Road,
Bentleigh east 3165

Check it out!


Friday, March 22, 2013

250 Edible Golf balls

Yup. 250 Golf balls. I made 250 edible golf balls. I will never ever look at golf balls the same again! These where made from  White modelling chocolate, filled with dark chocolate, salted caramel, and toasted hazelnut. Dimples and all.


MLB (a never to be golf enthusiast)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jess and Reuben's Engagement

I recently got to be involved in a beautiful Engagement dessert table. The future bride Jess did a fantastic job filling huge jars with sweets in lots of bright and pastel colours. Perfect for a garden party! It was great fun to be a part of their special day! Okay okay enough chitter's the pics:

Salted Caramel Macarons

Gluten Free Citrus cupcakes

Raspberry and White Chocolate Macarons

Gluten free white chocolate Cupcakes

Musk sticks!

The whole spread! The colours are so pretty!

Love x

Now I have to mention these beauties were made by Reubens mum....and she let me have one! hehe! and they were delicious!! and so perfect!

Cake, macarons, cupcakes, musk sticks made by me, the rest by the talented Jess.

Hope you enjoy the pretty pics,


Happy New Year/ Valentines day!

Yeah okay I know I'm a tad late. Better late than never I say!

Summer always means holidays and swimming and spending time with family, and well I'm quite bothered to say that I have done none of those! Yikes! have seen the family a tiny bit, havent been swimming, although aside from lying in a spa its never really been my thing, and holidays? pfffft! But not all is doom and gloom, Ive been working my little butt off on some awesome projects! Lots of wonderful things in the pipeline for this year and hopefully I will find more time to share it with you, it is all very exciting!

How cute is this little guy from christmas... My new mini cake stands are the cutest!!

On a more personal note... I made my very first Skirt...With a zip! And I've worn it all day and it is still intact...I'm fairly chuffed if you hadn't figured that out already!

Personal WIN! Just dont look too closely to the stitching!

Well I hope everybody has started their new year off well, happy and healthy!


Friday, December 21, 2012

Jane and Dean

I recently got to pop over to New Zealand to make a wedding cake for my little brother dean and his bride Jane. There's nothing better than making a cake for someone you love. Jane was such a beautiful bride. Unfortunately I do not have a photo of them on the day... I decided to leave that to the experts! But here's some pics of their cake instead:

How beautiful is that venue and colour scheme! It all just came together wonderfully!

I cannot welcome Jane into our family enough and I look forward to the future!

Love MLB xx