Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fabric Flower Bouquet

One of the biggest jobs of the wedding was my decision to have fabric flower bouquets. I just love all the neat ideas out there, button, brooch and fabric bouquets.I found amazing pictures and tutorials.. one of which I wanted to feature on here, and now I cant seem to find it all. (typical!)I really wanted to make this a large part of the day, with an original feel to it. But of course as always, I wanted to make things harder for myself by making all the flowers. And when I say all.... I mean ALL of them, I made HUNDREDS!!! In fact I possibly went a little overboard.. But I think it paid off and I think you might agree! Earlier I posted this photo:
I made all the flowers using a "yoyo" maker that I bought from Spotlight. I bought loads of different types of material, all in the colours that would suit our dresses, and sewed like a champion. Every night on the couch sew sew. Now every time you buy a new cardigan or dress and you get the little packet with the spare button in it, do you keep it? It turns out that I do. Cleaning out my jewellery baskets, I found all these buttons!! I even found buttons that I had bought while travelling through Europe made of pottery. So I sewed all the buttons to the yoyo's to make them look like flowers. If you haven't found those amazing $12 bags of mixed buttons from Spotlight, then just you wait... they are awesome, and they were a great way to get more buttons of all different shapes and sizes.
When I got to NZ for the wedding my sister and mum and I all sat around with cups of coffee and made the bouquets together. It was such a beautiful afternoon, and a good way to start the week leading up to the wedding. We were able to catch up, organise, plan and be creative!  Sarah made mine, Mum made Sarah's and I made Erin's and Zoe's (flower girl extraordinaire).
Now to make the bouquets, using the ideas I found off the tutorials, I bought some cheap wire whisks ($2 each!) and using our hands just pulled the wires out to make a globe shape, then filled the inside with teddy bear stuffing. We then tied the flowers onto the whisk wires with very fine beading wire. Once the globes were fully and tightly covered we used ribbons to wrap around the stem and tied a bow. 

Each of the bouquets had colours to match our dresses, so mine was more blue and black. And being the bride I got to choose my favourite buttons (hahah). 

We also used the flowers on a few extra things around the place. The groomsmen and groom all had a button hole, as well as my mum and dad, and Alan's mum. My favourite thing was my birdcage veil. I bought a clip with a flower on it and sewed on a few extras of my own! The flower girl Zoe even had them sewn onto her wings!

If you have the time pop over to my sisters blog to see her post on her bouquet, and check out the photo of all the flowers lain out....Epic!   Sarah's Bouquet
This was a huge project, but totally worth it! And the best thing is we get to keep our bouquets forever! I have so many flowers left, I am contemplating another project with them. I was thinking of sewing them onto a blanket maybe??? Got any Ideas?

Hope you like these as much as we do!


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