Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rich Chocolate Mousse

I had some old friends over for dinner last night and made this chocolate mousse recipe for the first time. I have a bad habit ( or possibly a good one) of searching the internet or books for recipe's and stubbornly changing them to how I think they should be! It has not failed me yet, so it cannot be a bad thing. So here's a recipe for chocolate mousse... which trned out great. I was slightly camera shy last night so took an ultra budget phone pic in all its fuzzy low light gloriousness....

Rich Chocolate Mousse

250g dark chocolate ( I used Lindts new cooking chocolate 70%)
80 mls strong black coffee
3 eggs separated, room temp
2tbs caster sugar
200mls cream, soft whipped

- Finely chop chocolate, pour hot coffee over top and continue melting over hot water bath, set aside.
- Whisk egg whites to soft peak and gradually whisk in sugar.
- Add yolks to chocolate mixture, making sure the chocolate is warm but not hot.
- Fold in a small spoonful of whites into chocolate mix. Then start folding in gently both the white and the      cream. Mix should be thick but slightly runny.
- Pour into 6 moulds ( I used glass coffee mugs)
- Set in fridge. this should only take an hour to set.

I decorated my mousse with a quenelle of marscapone and fresh raspberries... delicious!

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