Monday, February 7, 2011

Be my Valentine.....

It is that time of year again, roses, chocolates and girls pretending they don't want anything, when in actual fact thats just our confusing way of saying "you BETTER get me something" because we are so lovely and stuff! For me I'm not so worried about it all, but thats only because... It is my birthday the week after and I'd rather any money or energy get pushed forward and added on to that day instead! HA!

I just so happened to find some Wilton candy melts on special and extra cheap the other day and thought it was just the right time to make some cake pops! And with my "Bakerella Cakepops" bible close by I came up with these little Valentines day inspired treats...

all organised

I also had made the tissue paper pom poms in the photos. I was at the news agency the other day and found a new magazine by "Modern Weddings", called "Modern Weddings DIY"(issue1). And hey I realise I am not getting married, I bought it for the DIY part... really I did! Its got great tips for displays and dessert table's and all sorts of other DIY things! I see DIY stuff everywhere... It really is the thing to do these days.....and cheaper!
pompom extraodinaire!
Hope all you lovely ladies get a (much deserved) special treat this Valentines day! Gx


  1. cool! what are candy melts? I think i've seen similar done with red and then white marshmallows added (or white chocolate dots) so that they look like toadstools, but wasn't sure what the stuff was?

  2. Candy melts are similar to chocolate, but they set like a shell but are soft to eat if that makes sense. And they come in different colours! Its an american product... i found these at spotlight.. The white dots you saw would have been pearled sugar... most of the cool products have to be ordered online.. theres got to be some one in nz who does it!