Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gettin Crafty!

With no oven ( and lots of arguing over that) and a hectic start of the year at work, I managed to let off some steam by playing around with a few ideas in my head. Though I've started to realise I've gone into this whole thing backwards... and my new years resolution ( one dessert table a month) is starting to look way too impossible as I'm still currently trying to get my product list complete. So only a month into the new year and I am already bailing ha! It is so typical of me as I get so so many ideas in my head and then don't have time to do them all... So the next few months will be arranging/creating/perfecting and photographing my products... the table's can come later... And hopefully in that time I'll meet some uber cool person that is just so much better at styling than me and all I'll need to do is bake and create! ( In a perfect world)

Here's a couple of photos just of a few things I've been wanting to try out, and what happens when your oven is STILL not fixed... ( I hope those people can sleep at night knowing what they've done to me!)

Lolly bags

I love the diamante stickers I found

Addicted to toadstools at the moment

How neat are the "umbrella pops" I found ( they look like toadstools!)
And.... I actually hand sewed those toadstools... Which I am so proud of myself as I haven't sewn anything in years ( except the odd moth hole) and so I was quite happy with myself. I realise you can see some of my dodgy stitching... but I don't care! They are now currently sitting on my desk of which they will probably stay there permanently... all I need now is a fairy to sit on them!

ahhh... enough playing around now... Off to do some MORE errands!



  1. i'd squash them if I sat on them! But they look good! love those stickers!!!!! coool!