Saturday, January 22, 2011

Relish Mama Kids cooking class

I was very lucky this week to help out a friend of mine, Nellie, who runs "Relish Mama Cooking classes". These classes are held in Nellies beautiful home ( So home jealous)  with classes set out for kids, corporate groups, mens groups, and anyone wanting to "up" their skills in the kitchen to impress! I got to help out with a kids class, based on summer, making pita bread pizzas, home made lemonade and strawberry sorbet! Delicious! I had such a fun afternoon, hanging out, recieving hugs (hehe) and seeing all the critters in their aprons. Here's some photos of the day.....

The class
Trouble maker leo... but full of hugs!
Sienna, Grace, Ava and Mietta ( girls on my table)
Ellen, Lucinda and Anna
The girls playing around with straws!!

Nellie and Leo making sorbet

Watching the sorbet..

Masterchef Ellen

Sweetie Anna eating sorbet, Yum!

Bob the dog!

Beautiful Nellie and I

To check out more of Nellie's awesomeness  ( she's also a mother of 3extraordinaire) check out her website:


  1. Gina - you are a doll! What a lovely post and wonderful pics. You are very clever. Thanks again -you helped make the afternoon extra special & wonderfull delicious! x Nellie x

  2. did you take bob home!!! and love leo watching the sorbet LOL