Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wedding of Jake and Happy

Sometimes it is so nice to be at a wedding, but not be a "part" of the wedding. My celebrant friend told me once how amazing it is to attend a wedding as a guest, there is less worry and more time to relax. After attending a wedding yesterday I totally agree! There was no fretting over "will they like the cake", "will everyone else like the cake?" "will some freak of nature come and DESTROY" the cake?". The only problems of the day was Mr.Handsome leaning over every ten minutes to say "don't go getting any ideas"..... ( he never reads this blog clearly!) Here are some photos of the day....

The beautiful bride in her Indonesian wedding dress
I just love the detail of her gown, and the beautiful hair pin
Happy and Jake
Bridesmaid in Indonesian dress
Isabelle the flower girl
Too cute!
The beautiful reception area all in romantic creams and lighting
Happy had a dress change for the recption

Another beautiful hair piece

ahhh romance

The bridesmaid performed an amazing traditional dance

Delicious rocky road party favours!

some random guests.....


  1. aw you guys look gorgeous! love the hair Gina!

  2. my bestfriends wedding so beautiful she is :)