Monday, December 20, 2010

Let them eat cake!

The other day during some very stressful christmas shopping, and after walking around in circles with not much to show for, I decided coffee was my only cure, and considering I was in the area I went to "Let them eat cake!". This cake shop has lovely little tarts and cakes on display, and there was mountains of ginger bread men. I love the fact that the whole kitchen is almost open to the public, so you can see all the girls hard at work! It was inevitable that I have a cake with my coffee and ended up with Pecan pie! Delicious! So a pie and an Espresso later I was all geared up to continue the hideous task of christmas shopping ( I love christmas, I just hate the crowds!)

Although they have a good rep, Let them eat cakes building is a little tired, and to be honest I actually walked straight past it, and had to turn back! I'm also unfortunately not a fan of their simple enquiry form style/one page website....

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