Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Like a hole in my heart....

So I understand if you haven't noticed.... But I haven't baked in a very, VERY long time.... My oven broke. Yes It is true.... Its like a part of me has been ripped out thrown on the ground, and it being that time of year it has been IMPOSSIBLE to get someone to fix it. I have been so sad! And people don't understand! So there goes all my plans to make many scrumptious treats, like the mince pies and fruit cakes, iced biscuits....hmph. I have 2 kilo's of fruit mince soaking in brandy on my kitchen bench. My dad suggested I put a straw in it, suck out the brandy then I'll no longer want to cook! 
So to make my self feel a little better I made some lemon butter to give as presents instead. A lady comes into my work and drops off her home grown lemons that she can't use fast enough, so it was quite cheap! Cheap is good!

how cute are these little guys!

hand drawn labels and blue check ribbon = country goodness!
This will most probably ( can't promise) be my last post before christmas, so I wish everyone a lovely christmas with friends, family, good wine, good food..... and Cake! 

Gina x

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