Monday, April 12, 2010

Good Luck & Good Fortune

This has to be one of my new favourites! I was asked to do a fare well cake with a difference this week, and the idea was thrown around about doing a "good luck elephant" ( you know the famous elephant with its trunk pointing up) . So i came up with the idea of icing a polystyrene block and creating this thai style elephant  to hold up the cake.  I had so much fun doing this cake, from making the elephant to painting its tassels and prints. Something different and something new! ( please dont judge me on the rubbish photography... baby steps!)


  1. Thats really different Gina, I really like the colours you chose.

  2. amazing... reminds me randomly of grandmas elephant statue (i think its her that has one?) anyway.. good job! love the pearled colours!

  3. thanks guys! it was heaps of fun!and now i cant help but think what else i can make thats holding up cake!
    sarah: or was it docter Rama???

  4. Hi train girl! Cute cake!
    I actually remembered to look this up: