Tuesday, April 13, 2010


 I watched this movie years ago... and i guess i was too young to appreciate it... I mean it has it all... Beautiful French village, hand made chocolates, (Johnny Depp disguised as a gypsy) I stumbled across the flatties watching this recently, watched it and LOVED it. How amazing would it be to march around in a pretty dress with a frilly apron, red lipstick, curled hair and make the best chocolates ever. Officially decided this is my life long dream, although id switch the chocolates for cakes, the french village for melbourne ( its closer) and johnny depp is actually a pale australian guy,  but im definately going to buy me a nice apron and some red lippy!

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  1. i hated this! but it was a while ago that i watched it too. didn't see the end... it was too boring! eeeK!