Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cuppa Cottage

I had the day off today (fantastic) and after a sleep in, a wrestle with the laundry, and an argument with the bank lady (grr) i went to Cuppa Cottage in Sandringham. I spotted this place a couple of weeks ago when i helped mr handsome move house. As much as i kept asking to go, he put it off many times, and well i dont blame him as this is the most girliest cafe i have ever been to but that just makes it so damn cool too! There are cupcake stands, fake flowers, frilly aprons, books, trinkets, scones and alot of pink. I LOVE IT! Feeling a little shy to get my camera out i found this pic on the net, but i also took a photo of the cupcake lipbalm i couldnt help but buy! too cute!


  1. Funny how we kiwis feel weird taking photos of our food, but I notice Asian bloggers pages are covered with pics of their lunch!

  2. i know!! but also cause i was at the table right by the counter away from al the other tables, so i was on display for all the staff haha, im just a chicken!