Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lots of presents!!

I was thoroughly spoilt for my birthday and here are a few other of the gifts i got... Not only did i get "naughty cakes" cook book but i also got the "extra naughty cakes" book.... i dont know what my friends think of me! But my favourite is the  "divine" cupcakes book i got from my mother, This book is just so beautiful and made in my very own home land of New Zealand! My sister got me the "where the wild things are" book, which is great as i did not have this one, but have wanted it for so long, and the wee yellow monster she hand made. Top that off with a novel, some fair trade earrings and some peter alexander boxer shorts and you have one very spoilt miss, with some awesome new blue converse on her feet ( thanks mr handsome)


  1. What a great haul you got Gina. Lucky you! I hope you can find some time for all the reading!