Saturday, June 25, 2011

To Photograph, or Not to Photograph, that is the question! (and a good one too)

I have decided that I don't think it is very respectful to photograph food when out dining. There have been many many occasions where I have lugged my camera along to restaurants with the idea that I would be taking photos of the food which I ate, to then blog about it. Just like all those other food bloggers. But I cannot for the life of me, do it. Here are my reasons.

1. My camera ( new and totally sexy) is HUGE! I cannot think of anything more cringe worthy than pulling out my larger than life camera just to take a photo of my perfectly cooked Lamb rump, that is nestled beside the most amazing Moussaka I have ever had, even though the dim lighting of the low ceilings is totally dreamy. Not only is it embarrassing for me, but also for the person sitting next to me, sinking into his Shiraz Viognier.

2. Now here is a little trade confession. I have to admit, while working ( not in my current occupation) as a waitress, seeing someone pull out a camera during their meal without fail causes plenty of sly comments from staff ( not to their faces, I mean that's just plain rude). Just as the customer pulls out their camera/Phone/photo taking object you can almost hear the groan from staff members, and if you listen closely you can almost hear the chef muttering under his breath.. " while your correcting your zoom, my beautifully cooked fillet of fish, delivered in perfect timing to your table is now passed that moment of utter perfection and bordering on over cooked, and slightly cold". So knowing that from the other side makes me a little self conscious.

Do you think I may be over reacting? Well I could be this is very true. But I can't help but feel like every time I walk into a restaurant, (and hey when I eat out, I make it worthwhile!) that I am walking into someones house, sitting down at their dining table and enjoying their company. If you were at a friends house, you could still take photos of their food, but.. you would ask first right? So wouldn't it be appropriate to ask your restaurant first too?

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  1. This is a fascinating post - I have never thought about this. I don't have that big a camera, but mostly I don't take shots of a waitress even passing by without asking - sometimes they don't like it. I thought the chef would take it as a compliment to have their food photographed. I will really think about it next time though. Great post!