Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Finders Keepers Market 2011

Well it has been a busy wee week for me! I've been galavanting across the city all week for many different reasons, so am happy to currently be sitting on the recliner, with a tummy full of fajitas and a NZ cider in hand ..ahhh

On Saturday I raced over to the Docklands for the "Finders Keepers Market". Worried that I wouldn't be able to find my way ( I had never been to the docklands!) It soon became clear I was heading in the right direction. 1950's dressed girls, with perfectly curled hair and ruby lips wandered along the harbourside. A man walked passed me, hair slicked to the side, black rimmed glasses and a tweed coat. I quickly  decided my hurried outfit for the day was pretty lame. Why did no one warn me there was a Collingwood game on and a black/white striped top was not the best choice?
Anyway, im rambling. The market was held in a large wharehouse. Luckily for me the first stall as you walk in were the boys from Baba  had set up a 3 machine coffee station  making sure everyone was well equipped with caffeine. Being a massive coffee fiend this could have almost been the highlight of my day. Armed with my strong coffee and purse ( ouch) I hit the stalls. I was surrounded by so much awesomeness! Hand printed paper goods, beautiful hand sewn vintage clothing pieces, loads of beautiful jewellery and funky music being  played by funky people.
Now my memory is pretty shocking at the best of times so I can only really tell you about the cool things I bought!
Mmmmmm coffee

cool paper pyramids hanging from the ceiling

taco taco taco!

Zombie Brains!
 One of My fav things of the day was the "Mister Nice Guy" cupcakes stand. Selling Vegan and Organic cupcakes, they all had crazy names like "Zombie Brains" - chocolate mud cake with strawberry brain like frosting, or "Fuzzy Ewok" - cinnamon and chocolate frosting on vanilla, clove and cinnamon cake, sprinkled with coconut, or "Red Hot Riding Hood" - Chilli Chocolate frosting, on chocolate and Cayenne cake! Delicious!! There super cool trademark is a moustache!

my loot!
 Including some beautiful earrings from Brooke Johnston Design, You must go check out her

 Able and Game made an awesome appearance and I couldn't help but snatch up this awesome tea towel to add to the collection!

Lady bird locket from http://katharineohara.tumblr.com/

Th coolest thing I have seen in ages... on one side a beautiful button

....bottle opener on the back... oh how lady like!
 So inspired to put some funky earrings on, listen to some good tunes and learn to sew... again.

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