Saturday, November 27, 2010

My snazzy new website!

For a while now my talented sister Sarah (her blog) and I have been working on my very new Website! A little snazzier and special compared to my current... and in the words of my father...."crusty old run of the mill" blog. A little more business like and a little more flash!
I recently blogged this post, doilies that I was creating for my small time amateur photo shoot...

Here's a few pics from the day: 

My "denim and doilies" theme
Beautiful model Tess who got to eat all the yummy things!
Doilies and brownie stack cake
Lighting technician Alan!(aka Mr. Handsome)
 Thank you so much to everyone who helped out, my brother Sam and his girlfriend Candice, Alan, Stuart     ( for taking some of the cakes off our hands for his wee girls!) Tess, and of course my amazing sister for putting together the site for me! 

It is still under a little construction ( mainly just the "about me" section... yuk!)
Check it out!

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