Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Adventures

It has been a busy few weeks, ( note the lack in blogging) I've moved house, finishing up jobs, starting new job,  leaving parties for old friends, and well somewhere amongst that managed to sleep and eat. So here's just a couple of photos.... without revealing too much, of a few things i've been working on.

                                        The drawing pad is out and the planning is under way! 

                       Some ultra cool sundae glasses I bought. My do I have plans for these babies!

I Have claimed the back room of the house as my cake room. I've put my pictures on the wall, cleaned up the table, and put all my things on the shelves. It was some old work room, for the business that was run their previously out of the back of the house. You can see the labels  "gordons jobs" hehe.

Before the room was so dark and cold. But today while I was fluffing around I opened up the permanently closed blinds which let through all this amazing sun light.  I put my pictures all over the wall for inspiration....and am loving my new little get away space......

Right now my mind is so full of cakes cakes cakes. I have a lot of plans evolving for the summer. I'm so excited to be making them all happen.......x


  1. i can see me! and zoe's footprint!

    are you going to do this to your sundae glasses? http://strikingkeys.blogspot.com/2010/07/cake-stand-mania.html i see one there on the table...

  2. btw so jealous of the 'cake room'!

  3. yes thats exactly what im going to do with it! but i dont use the glue... i used a slip mat so i can use them for other things later!!! i want to go opp shopping for some new pieces right now! wahh!

    i saw it at a dingy deli down the road from me!