Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dessert Table : Char and Loz

 This last week I have been extra busy with doing this dessert table ( my first!)  For my friend Loz and her friend Char's joint birthday party. I had so much fun doing this dessert table and am looking forward to exploring this a little more!


  1. holy crap! thats awesome!

    I tried that piping the icing on and I'm bum at it :-( you are so good!!!!!!

    why aren't you in NZ so you can do Zoe's party! :-(

  2. heyy! the photos look great! Thank you so much Gina, totally exceeded all my expectations! Cakes were amazing an just like the drawing. Who could ask for more than cake and cocktails?? Good luck with all your endeavor’s! Make sure you hook me up with some cards, got plenty of people asking for them! xx