Monday, June 28, 2010

What a busy week!

So I've just had one of the busiest weeks ever...... with staff not showing up, then bosses of the bosses of the bosses showing up..... so much to do, hardly anything got done and so so so many interuptions! hmph! And amongst it all I managed to make a cake... which I will have to share with you next time. So for now.... since I finally have time for myself ( I have 2 days off! wow!) I thought I would share some of the things I love (want) right now.....

T2 have just opened up a shop near me, and every time we walk past this shop I cant help but strain to look at all the pretty cups and pots.. while Mr handsome leads me Although the other day when i was angry he suggested taking me to T2 to cheer me up hehehe!

Red Velvet Cake
I really want to make a red velvet cake, but haven't had the time. And there are so many recipes out there.... I'm waiting on a book from my mother which im hoping still has my recipe given to me from an old friend that replaces the red food dye... with beet root!! interesting!   photo from here

I don't watch t.v. I dont have the time, and well when I do have time, I usually don't. Most of it doesnt interest me. But I was super happy when Mr. Handsome lent me his hard drive while he was away ( Doing the Kokoda trek) and he'd gotten The Cake Boss series 1 and 2, just for me! It's cheesy and american  but they still make good cakes!

By Francisco. J Migoya. The Modern Cafe is quite possibly one of the best books i have ever seen. A guy from work brought it in... and it is incredible. The photos are amazing, the recipes are incredible. I've never wanted a book more than i want this one! saving my pennies as its worth 90 big ones! ( but oh so worth it!)

Corpse Bride Grooms Cake Topsy Turvy

One of my all time favourite movies.... but also the Tim Burton Exhibition has opened here in Melbourne and I cannot wait to go... hes even doing a book signing ( of which i cant go) but I'm so excited! ( would also love to do a cake in this theme..... but maybe from one of his other movies......

The person I miss the most is Marigianna.... and her beautiful country... with amazing people and amazing food... and the place I'd rather be....... Greece!

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  1. I think I love all the things you love, and Im sure I would love Marigianna if I met her.....AND your book is on its way.