Tuesday, June 22, 2010

EXTREME cake making!

So i get a call the other day from Mr. Handsome's friend saying he desperately needed a cake.... for the weekend.... he called me on the thursday! So I had to rush home on the friday, after a crazy long day at work. Buy ingredients (which i had figured out on the tram) , get home, BAKE a chocolate sponge, cool it down and full decorate it... that night...as i had to be at work at 6am the next morning! phew! Im lucky the boys were at the house to critic me on what an 18 year old metal head would like in a cake, and so I came up with this.....
Its a chocolate sponge cake ( for quick baking) filled with chocolate and mint ganache, made into half a "Pearl" drum and sitting on a tattoo inspired pillow, and a dry brushed base to look a little like spray paint i guess!
The boys at the flat loved, and i got a really good response from the client! I must say im pretty impressed with myself that i managed to go from nothing to this in 4 1/2 hours... after a 13 hour shift at work!

 Please excuse my dodgy photography as just as i went to take the photos my camera died!!! and so I had to settle for my phone camera.... but you get the idea right!


  1. Amazing that you came up with that in such a short time. It looks great!

  2. This is pretty fantastic! You are very talented with the whole cake thing!!

    I've had a quick look at your other posts too.....hungry.!