Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My new pretty cake stand

Well actually this is not so new..... mr handsome bought this for me ages ago, and its been sitting in its box in my room patiently waiting for me to bring it out. My new job is so so very demanding and I never really get time to do anything, I try cramming everything together on my days off and still want to relax aswell??? There are not enough hours in the day! hmph! Anyway we found this pretty cake stand, in some random shop with a big sale sign on it and well I couldnt find a good enough reason to buy it, so when my next day off rolled around I asked if we could go back and see if it was still there...and it was! I would of liked the matching sugar bowl and tea cups but thats ok!

I actually think the box it came in is just about as pretty as the cake stand itself!!!! Now all i need is a pretty cake on top of it!

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