Monday, June 7, 2010

Inspire me!

I must say the internet is great for ideas and inspiration, so heres a couple of blogs i found that inspire me at the moment.....

Is this not the coolest idea... an "engagement cupcake" found on

 These little critters are all the craze here in melbourne. French macaroons, and they are damn hard to make. I have only made them twice at work so far, and not all were successful. They are hard. The better you make a macaroon the more respect you get. The cakes on this blog for a shop are incredible.... i just gotta keep practising!


  1. oohh yes those macaroons! ill eat about 5 a week! But too scared to make them! I worked at a cake shop 'sweetart',try them for inspiration?

  2. i cant believe you worked at sweetart... they are amazing! their photos are what got me into cakes when i was younger and bought the cake magazines! they are awesome! lucky you!

  3. I have never eaten a macaroon in my life. These ones look yummy.