Friday, February 13, 2009

Greek wedding

Now i ended up after the summer was over, and life was changing, to move overseas for while...well 2 1/2 years actually, and i stopped doing my cakes, and pretty much anything foody (apart from eating it). I did do some chefing, including working at Edinburgh Castle as the junior pastry chef, and while i was in greece, working in a tiny restaurant on Ios island, i made the dessert...cheesecake and mudcakes most of the time. Anyway i made a wee name for myself among a couple of the travellers as the "cheesecake" girl. One Night i served a group of girls at the rastaurant and they asked me which bars to go to. I had a laugh with them about one bar and to go up the door man and say...well i cant repeat it, it wont be that funny to you, just a bit odd. Anyway so one of the girls repeated my funny message to the guy, and the guy laughs...and falls in love. Truley! They are still together now! They even had a fake wedding on the beach, and i got to make the cake..which in the middle of a tiny greek island, in the heat, in a makeshift kitchen, was one of my hardest! But the out come was good, and the view even better!

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