Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Well Im excited!

So many exciting things are happening! I am one of those people though that worry if I tell too many people about all the exciting things, then I will scare all those exciting things away! So...I have to pace myself. yuk.
These last few weeks I have been working on so many designs and ideas towards my new website. It is going to be pretty. We had a big photo shoot on sunday which is the first step towards "the new and exciting things" and while I would love to just show you ALL THE PHOTOS again im pacing myself until the new website is up and we can all sit back and enjoy it all together.  So as a little sneak peek of what we got up to, here are a couple of photos... just to keep you going.

 All awesome photos ( so not these ones were taken  by the amazing Samara Clifford )

Lets all practise our patience squeals.

MLB xx

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