Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy New Year/ Valentines day!

Yeah okay I know I'm a tad late. Better late than never I say!

Summer always means holidays and swimming and spending time with family, and well I'm quite bothered to say that I have done none of those! Yikes! have seen the family a tiny bit, havent been swimming, although aside from lying in a spa its never really been my thing, and holidays? pfffft! But not all is doom and gloom, Ive been working my little butt off on some awesome projects! Lots of wonderful things in the pipeline for this year and hopefully I will find more time to share it with you, it is all very exciting!

How cute is this little guy from christmas... My new mini cake stands are the cutest!!

On a more personal note... I made my very first Skirt...With a zip! And I've worn it all day and it is still intact...I'm fairly chuffed if you hadn't figured that out already!

Personal WIN! Just dont look too closely to the stitching!

Well I hope everybody has started their new year off well, happy and healthy!


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