Thursday, March 15, 2012

My sister is awesome!

Do you have a sister? Is she awesome??? Cause mine is! This has to be the craziest time of my life at the moment...Wedding is 5 weeks away, and all the wedding plans seem to be rolling together nicely... But I couldn't do it without my sister... She is like my ears, my eyes and my hands. Im sure every bride wishes they had two pairs of hands, well I do! I know that when I tell her an idea... she is always 2 steps ahead in how we are to do it, and what will improve it... I couldn't be more happy! Organising a wedding from over seas, is always going to be difficult... I am so so so grateful for her right now... and It makes me feel even better knowing that she is enjoying herself.
She also made me these super sexy invites.... check out her post on her cool blog here

She's pretty sexy too!

Just wait a month and I'll be able to show you even more cool things she's done....
Love you sister! xxx

1 comment:

  1. nawwww shucks! ;O)

    its fun fun fun!

    dunno about the sexy part though.....