Thursday, March 29, 2012

Autumn and Apples

Autumn has to be my favourite time of year. It is still a little warm, but the days are getting colder...I can wear my jeans again (hooray) and pull out my funky stockings, leg warmers and hoodies. I can cuddle up on the couch in a blanket. I can almost bear lying next to My Husband to be without feeling like im lying next to a furnace, I swear he was a hot water bottle in a previous life. Food is starting to change, soups and stews and curries...all those warming things!

There are so many different varieties of apples at the supermarket this time of year. Apples are one of those fruits mum gave us as kids, and they would end up bruised and rolling round in our school bags....and never eaten..ever! Now as an adult I've come to realise how good an apple is, and how much I took them for granted. They are my favourite. I love the taste of pink rose apples. I love the colour of Red Delicious, and the sourness of Granny smith. Years ago as a freshly trained chef I tried to make a deep dish apple pie. I used the wrong apples. It was a mess. I was utterly disappointed, and it is one of those silly memories I will never get rid of. So this week I tried it again ( only 9 years later!) and i'm happy to say it stood high and proud...and tasty!

I also cannot reccomend more this wee bottle of Heilala vanilla syrup...the vanilla beans are grown in Tonga and made into this little bottle of syrup in Tauranga, NZ... close to my home town. If you can manage not to smear it all of yourself thinking that its perfume, add it to a bit of whipped cream for your pie... Heavenly!

Happy Autumn, and Happy upcoming easter to all of you! xxx

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