Sunday, June 12, 2011

"My sister says"

On my only day off I managed to go to "My sister Says" cafe in Port Melbs, and it was so so beautiful. One of those cafe's  you walk into and think "I wish this was MINE!". The walls are covered in many shelves and cupboards with trinkets and jars and just loads of little things everywhere. Beakers used for water bottles, and little tin buckets for the cutlery. Gorgeous little cakes, and a delicious brekkie menu. Tea pots hang in the windows filled with yellow flowers and there is a huge intricate painting on the floor, which reminds me of Shaun Tan's sketches in "The Rabbits". Jar's line the Brekkie bar filled with spices, home made jams and granola.

I really miss my sister and my niece at the moment. Whether it is because of winter, I'm working (A LOT), we just booked flights for November so I know it is coming, or maybe it is just a phase of now, but if my sister came to Melbourne, I would have to take her to this cafe. It is just so cute and all things lovely. 

My photos I took with my stupid phone just don't so it justice, so you must check them out on this beautiful blog.... HERE


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