Tuesday, February 15, 2011

La Belle Miette

Today I went on a big mission to the city. It doesn't happen as often as I would like and usually once I am there and I've walked for ages, used a few different types of public transport, I sometimes wonder why I bother. But places like "La Belle Miette" is usually why I bother! I heard about this new place ( only 4 weeks old) in the Epicure part of "The Age" newspaper ( my favourite thing about Tuesdays). A tiny little patisserie on Hardware Lane. Surrounded by busy cafe's that are full of men in suits and woman who work in rather crazy high heels, of which I'm still confused on how they do it! Right in the middle of it all is this tiny shop of cuteness! So French and so girly, with white clean walls, pretty packaging and little macaron towers on display. I walked straight in and bought every flavour, as I'd already decided it would be rediculous trying to choose!
flavours like: olive oil & vanilla, ginger & macadamia, Cherry Blossom & Sake

Beautiful packaging and a "flavours card"
On further wanderings of website, La Belle Miette means "beautiful crumb" or "beautiful small things". 

"Our logo and gift box design were hand drawn by Melbourne graphic artist Kano Hollamby. The charms that hang from the brocade tell a little macaron story – the almond blossom, the cocoa bean, the pied or “foot” (the ruffled edge around the base of the biscuit formed when heat causes it to lift from the baking sheet), and the egg, whisk and stopwatch evoke the Promethean contest between man and egg that is French patisserie."

This very hot afternoon during my city macaron mission, I also went to another place that sells these treats.... which I find it to be... and dare I say it... like the "Mac Donald's" of macarons. I come across so many reviews of these macarons... and I shudder slightly at the thought...  I just don't understand it.  It is beautiful places like La Belle Miette that remind me of that time, long ago, when life had no responsibilities, and I was back packing through  Europe. Sitting in a park with my pack, a few days old clothing, greasy hair, and the best french patisserie's laid out in front of me for lunch. I think we did a "take a bite and pass it around" style of eating back then!
So for anyone in Melbourne I definately recommend getting down to this beautiful shop... I'm hoping my next visit will be with my mother.

Now this brings me to the fact that I have quite a few macarons waiting for me in the fridge, and I'm reluctant to share them with anyone, but am also meant to be going to Tepanyaki tonight! OH the pain......



  1. Ive never tasted a Macaron Gina, so Im going to taste my first one with you when we come over. Really looking forward to seeing you and visiting these WONDERFUL places that you have found in Melbourne. xxx

  2. Oh I dream of tasting real macaroons (or making some) oneday!!!

  3. The macaron craze must be over soon?? what will be next!