Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Paris Cutlers Cupcakes book

I got awfully spoilt over christmas, from all over the globe! So I was one happy young lady! You may have read my post earlier about Mr. Handsome's gift that I already had??  here
Well I feel terrible as I got quite a suprise when my favourite moisturiser and face wash was put in the bathroom for me on christmas day. I was all silly and gutted that the present he got me, I already had... But when he gave me another gift, inside was...( the book I already had).. AND Paris Cutlers Cupcakes book! YAY! he already had bought it for me without it having to be suggested! If you haven't seen this book yet, you must! It is the ulitmate in cake books. Infact I would almost refer it to you as being on the same level as porn.... but cakes. Cake porn.... so many beautiful sexy cupcakes. I kid you not.
This is my favourite! Fairy tea party!

book of awesomness!
I cannot wait to try some of this out!!! x

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