Sunday, December 26, 2010

Next years christmas??

So in my previous post I mentioned that my oven was broken and I had 2 kilo's of fruit mince soaking in brandy... with no where to go. So I found a recipe where you basically just throw together all the ingredients, bottle it up, and save it till next year! I thought this would be the perfect thing for my fruit mince, and hopefully next christmas it will make me be ( or at least seem) ultra organised! Though i'm nervous as to wether it will actually last all the time. I'm sure my grandmother would scoff and say "of course it will last, that's how all our food came, back in the day". So we will see. If your feeling like being ultra organised like me ( I was forced into it really!) all you need to do is add the following ingredients together:
-fruit mince/ you can make you own out of selected fruits, but the pre mixed is good too!
-diced apple
-orange/lemon rind and juice
-brown sugar dissloved in
Now I'm a bit of a "throw a bit of this and a bit of this and a sprinkle of that" kind of person so these ingredients are totally up to you, on how much you would like to put in ( all within reason!)
So I'm probably going to be eyeing up these bottles every week just to see if the contents have perished, but I hope it works!
I hope everyone enjoyed their chrissy, got lots of goodies and had fun with the family!  Gx


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