Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This week im loving..... Rhubarb!

There is so much rhubarb available at the moment which is great! I love it! We have been using it at work, and I couldn't resist making some apple and rhubarb to put on our porridge this morning. I remember as a kid me and my sister would go stay at my grandma's house. She had this harry potter style cupboard ( under the stairs) full of bottled fruit. It was amazing! So there was always stewed apple to put on our breakfast in the morning! Sometimes dad would give her a box of grapefruit, and a month later it would come back to us in jars of marmalade! I wish I could be as awesome as this but I'ts a little unrealistic to think that I ever could.... that rhubarb and apple in the fridge is only going to last 2 sittings!

1 comment:

  1. Man that looks great. I had the worst rhubarb crumble ever at a restaurant recently. Look out for the post on my blog sometime soon.