Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dinner Party!

Last week Mr Handsome recieved his new dining table and chairs, ( beautiful too) and so we decided to cook a big fancy meal just so we could use the table!It was the first time in ages I'd cooked a proper meal for people, and so I went all out! Cheese and crackers to nibble on, then for mains, Kangaroo fillet on port braised shallot tarts, sweet potato bake, garlic and buttered  green beans and gravy! Phew! And as we were having a certain guest that LOVED my guiness cake last week, i made it again, but this time i piped cheesecake on top for some extra (brownie) points! Though i must admit the port braised shallot tarts stole the show, and were extra yummy the next day with some goats cheese on top, Delicious!


  1. yum yum, your guests must have left very happy!

  2. holy crap! the kitchen must have looked like abomb hit it! haha