Monday, May 3, 2010

Chocolate Guiness Cake

After Mr Handsome's house warming party there was a can of Guiness left in the fridge! Now im not Irish but i do find something slightly wrong about drinking guiness from a can. It should only be from a tap in a pub that smells like old man and the carpet used to be red but now is more a rusty brown colour, and the only food available is crisps and peanuts. But lucky for me i had been wanting to try a Chocolate Guiness cake, which i found in the book i posted earlier here . The outcome? A very rich and moist chocolate cake! Who knew beer and cake would go so well! Its got a yummy earthy taste and not too rich.... im just gutted there was no ice cream! Sent the cake off to the boys house, and it sounds like it went down just fine!

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