Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wedding expo?? why not!

After the cake i did for my sister, i managed to get a job doing a cake for a friend of her and her husbands, which was great to do, this was my next step, once again using chocolate as it was the only thing i knew how to use! Unfortunately i dont have a photo of this to show, although i do think there is one floating around, i have copies, but dont have it on my computer. But it was quite the success! A carrot cake covered in buttercream, with white chocolate shards, dusted with pink pearl, and wrapped with taffeta ribbon, and from the top green and pink lillies.

After doing the 3 cakes i anybody would (?) to advertise myself as a cake decorater at the Hamilton wedding expo (!!??).

Working till 2 am with my brother keeping me company..and the play station too, i made 2 display cakes and hoards of brownie giveaways. With my sister and mum in tow to help out for the day i set up my small site, which compared to the other cake shops, was the underdog, almost laugh at worthy, "just going for simple but effective" style.

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